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Uncategorized28 pearls of wisdom earned in 28 years

28 pearls of wisdom earned in 28 years

  1. Destiny is a gambling but you choose your cards.
  2. Accept people for what they really are: Don’t try to change a person, if someone will change, let them follow their own course.
  3. Ask to myself: “Will I care in 10 years?” before getting angry: My golden rule. As a very passionate person, I use to overstate all the emotions I feel, including anger. After reading a post about what happens in your body when you get very stressed, I realized how important is taking things for what they really are (and from who they come).
  4. Travelers are true rich ones.
  5. Realistic expectations are the key for happiness.
  6. Waking up early is not that bad: I love bed, is such a paradise, but I realized a little late how nice a morning could get (even a Saturday one) if you wake up and enjoy the shades of a sunrise and how many things you can do, and how positive you can be if you feel productive. Also, nights look better when you learn how to enjoy them in the right doses.
  7. You are not what happened to you, you are what you made of it.
  8. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.
  9. Dogs are better than cats: In 28 years, I had 6 cats and 4 dogs. I used to be a cat person but I realized that there’s a main difference between cats and dogs: Dogs love you unconditionally, cats don’t. There are dogs for blind people, for hunting, watchdogs and the list could be long; cats are famous for taking care of … nothing. Dogs make you an outdoors person, cats make you lazy. Yes, kittens are incredibly adorable but puppies as well.
  10. Family doesn’t always share your same blood.
  11. Never judge people for their past or their future, only for their present: Nothing is real as present.
  12. Disappointment is the worst feeling in the world.
  13. Parents aren’t always right: Sorry, mom!
  14. Take your time to think how to spend your time: Time is gold and do not spend it wisely is a huge mistake. If my free time is not much, why to spend it with people I don’t really care?
  15. Happiness is a fragile lady: Enjoy her company but never get used to her.
  16. The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to approve them.
  17. Stunning beauties are not interesting: Let’s face it, life is easier for those who are handsome and paradoxically, it isn’t an advantage; A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. In the same way that some persons love earthquakes and tsunamis, I’m a person who loves  that “something” dark and complicated who a person hides.
  18. Real friendship is as important as true love.
  19. Respect people’s priorities: Specially when it helps to reorder yours.
  20. Therapy is as important as medicine: I can’t believe how many persons think they can heal their minds by themselves! I mean, if I have a headache, is true, I can ignore it until it disappears, but if it gets worst I will go to the doctor ’cause… I’m not a doctor. Why the most important part of our body doesn’t deserve some care? Humans should find the perfect balance between mind and body and we should take care of it at least once in our life.
  21. You always have a choice.
  22. Create drunk, edit sober: My interpretation of  Hemingway’s quote.
  23. Follow your dreams (and keep refreshing them): There will be persons who will think you are a dreamer or even a fool, but just go on, and the more difficult it gets, the more awesome will be.  Your work can be as good as your ambitions.
  24. All the steps that are not forwards are backwards.
  25. Money makes everything easier: Including knowing better some persons.
  26. True friends never judge you: But that doesn’t mean their respect towards you will be bulletproof.
  27. The person you love now, won’t be the same person you’ll really love: ‘Cause love is a process (enjoy it!).
  28. You know nothing.


  • These are really great bits of wisdom. Thanks for sharing. Number 10 is important I think.

  • Muy buenos puntos de experiencia, casi todos me parecen admirables, quizá entre ellos eligiera el 18 como más importante.

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