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1.1 These General Conditions of Sale apply to the marketing of products under the “Ahtziri Lagarde” brand, as defined below, through the site (the “Site”).


“General Conditions”: the general conditions of sale in the version published on the Site at the time of transmission of the purchase order to the Seller;

“Consumer”: Any natural person who purchases the Products for purposes not related to his own entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity, possibly carried out;

“Product (s)”: the different types of products under the “Ahtziri Lagarde” brand and marketed by the Seller through the Site;

“Price / s”: the prices of the Product as indicated on the Site, at the time of transmission of the purchase order to the Seller;

“Cart”: the virtual container on the Site, within which the Products selected for purchase are placed;

“Shipping”: the methods and any costs for shipping and delivery of the Products, as indicated on the Site and in any case within the limits of the Territory, at the time of transmission of the purchase order to the Seller;

“Party (s)”: the Seller and / or the Consumer;

“Territory”: the Italian territory, including San Marino and the Vatican, as well as all the countries where products can be shipped.


3.1. These General Conditions have as their object the regulation of the purchase of Products through the Site

3.2. Before carrying out any operation relating to the purchase of Products through the Site, please read these General Conditions carefully. By placing any purchase order, the Consumer declares to know and fully accept these General Conditions.

3.3. Any Consumer who makes a purchase on the Site is invited to print or save a copy, in electronic format, and in any case duly keep these General Conditions.

3.4. These General Conditions are addressed exclusively to subjects who intend to purchase the Products for purposes unrelated to their own entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity that may be carried out.


4.1. The characteristics and composition of the Products are those described and reported on the Site as resulting from each Product Sheet.

4.2. Before transmitting the purchase order to the Seller pursuant to Article 6 below, the Consumer is required to carefully consult the Product Sheets.

4.3 The visual representation of the Products on the Site, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image accompanying the Product Sheets. It is understood that the image of the Products themselves has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale and may not be perfectly representative of their characteristics and quality, but may differ in color and size. In the event of a difference between the image and the Product Sheet, the description contained in the Product Sheet always prevails.


5.1. The Price includes the costs for the standard packaging of the Products, as well as (if applicable) VAT and any indirect taxes.

5.2. The price does not include shipping costs.

5.3. The Consumer must pay the Seller the Price, as well as any shipping costs and the cost of the payment service.

5.4. The Consumer is aware that the lack of knowledge of the costs, charges, taxes and / or duties referred to in the previous Articles 5.1 and 5.2, indicated at the time the order is sent to the Seller, cannot constitute grounds for termination of these General Conditions and that he may not in any way charge the aforementioned costs to the Seller.


6.1. The presentation of Products on the Site constitutes an invitation to offer.

6.2. In order to proceed with the purchase, the Consumer must select the Products of his interest from those on the Site, insert them in the Cart and transmit the order to the Seller who, as specified in Art. 6.9, constitutes a contractual purchase proposal. Each purchase order can be made in relation to a Product or even to several Products and, in this case, the delivery of the Products ordered with the same purchase order can be made with a single shipment or even with different shipments to depending on the availability of the Seller’s warehouse without the different shipments involving any additional cost to be borne by the Consumer.

6.3. At the time of sending the order, the Consumer will also be asked, during the order transmission phase, to choose the following options from those available on the Site: a) payment methods, as better indicated in the following Art. 7; b) Shipping methods, in the event that the Seller will make available a method other than the standard one.

6.4. The purchase order sent to the Seller has the value of a contractual purchase proposal.


7.1. The payment of the Price and any shipping costs can be made, at the choice of the Consumer with Paypal, credit card, Stripe, Klarna. The Seller reserves the right to propose additional payment methods, giving appropriate indication on the Site.

7.2. In the case of payment via PayPal, the purchase amount will be charged exclusively at the time of transmission of the order confirmation referred to in Art. 8.2 and 8.3.

7.3. If the payment is made by credit card, PayPal, Klarna, Sofort and Stripe debit card, the Consumer will be transferred to a secure site and the credit card data will be directly subjected to authenticity checks by the relevant credit card issuers. , to protect the consumer. If, for any reason, it is not possible to charge the amount due, the sales process will be automatically canceled and the sales contract will be automatically terminated, without any amount being charged to the Consumer and without any liability on the part of the Seller.

7.4. The communications relating to the payment and the data communicated by the Consumer when this is done take place on special protected lines and with all the guarantees ensured by the use of the security protocols provided by the payment circuits. The Seller uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to protect data that requires a high level of security (for example, passwords and credit card numbers). Thanks to this protocol, the information is encrypted and protected from any type of attack.

7.5. The seller does not accept cash on delivery payments.


Having verified the success of the order transmission procedure, and without prejudice to the provisions of Art. 8.4, the Seller sends a communication of acceptance of the order to the e-mail address of the Consumer used for the purpose of registering on the Site. The purchase order, its confirmation and the General Conditions applicable to the relationship between the Parties are electronically archived. by the Seller in its IT systems.

8.2 If the Consumer requests it, the Seller sends the invoice in electronic format relating to the purchase made to the email address communicated by the Consumer.

8.3. Each purchase contract for the Products is concluded upon receipt by the Consumer of the order confirmation referred to in Art. 8.1.

8.4. If at the time of order fulfillment the Products are no longer available, it will be the Seller’s responsibility to promptly notify the Consumer via e-mail. The Seller will also promptly reimburse any amounts already anticipated by the Consumer and the contract will be considered terminated between the Parties.


9.1. The Products will be shipped to the address indicated during the purchase procedure pursuant to the previous Art.6.4 and will be delivered directly to the Consumer after verification by the courier of the correspondence of the information in the identity document with the name present in the letter of vehicle relating to the Consumer’s order.

9.2. The Consumer acknowledges and accepts that if the indicated address is not included within the limits of the Territory, the related order cannot be finalized and, therefore, it will not be possible to proceed with the purchase. The excluded territories are the places that are difficult to reach. The order will be canceled and refunded upon transition to “in process” status.

9.3. The Seller guarantees the preparation and shipment of the goods within 3 working days starting from 13:00 on the day of purchase, except in cases of force majeure for which the Consumer will be duly informed.

9.4. The Seller guarantees international shipping with Poste Italiane, with delivery up to 5/7 indicative and estimated working days from the courier pick-up in peninsular Italy. For purchases made from November 28th to December 24th of each year, delivery by Christmas is never guaranteed due to the lengthened timing of the couriers not attributable to the Seller.

9.5. Except in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, the Products ordered will be delivered within the terms indicated above and in any case, pursuant to Art. 61, paragraph 1, of the Consumer Code, within a maximum period of 30 days from the day of receipt by the Consumer of the order confirmation email sent by the Seller.


For Italy there is a flat rate of € 12.00. For the rest of the world, you must check directly on the site at the time of purchase by entering your location. If your location does not provide for shipping, contact us to check what to do.


10.1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from any contract concluded with the Seller, without indicating the reasons, within the term of 14 (fourteen) days starting from the day on which the Consumer acquires physical possession of all the Products purchased, except for the products. which have characteristics related to hygiene, for which there is no right of withdrawal.

10.2. Within the term referred to in Article 10.1 above, the Consumer who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract has the duty to inform the Seller, by sending an express communication by e-mail.

10.3. The Consumer must provide by courier of his choice and at his own expense to the shipment with the Seller, whose address will be communicated by e-mail. The consumer is required to provide the Seller with a tracking code from the courier himself. Insured shipping is recommended for the value of the goods: in case of loss and / or damage, the Consumer is not entitled to any refund. Once the Seller has ascertained the integrity of the returned products, the Consumer will receive a refund equal to the value of the returned goods minus the original shipping costs incurred by the Seller.

10.4. The Products must be returned intact and, in any case, in the same state of affairs in which they were received by the Consumer. In any case, the Consumer may be held responsible for the decrease in the value of the Products resulting from the manipulation of the Products other than that necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and functioning and in the absence of the original packaging or in the absence of integral elements. (devices supplied, cables, instruction manuals, etc).

10.5. The exceptions and exclusions referred to in Art. 59, Consumer Code.

Last modified: July 28, 2022