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Tutorial: Cinemagraph

In TUTORIAL by ahtzirilagarde

En este tutorial convertiremos nuestro clip de video en un Cinemagraph. Veremos cómo encontrar las escenas justas, crear transiciones y guardar el resultado en el mejor formato para compartirlo en las redes sociales.

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Viva la Vida

In AURA BLANCA by ahtzirilagarde

Since Monday, some people (especially those young) have asked me how it feels to be 30 years old. That was the same question I did to all those who had already reached and/or exceeded that age. This is my answer.

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Piment Broulan: A fragance inspired by Xocolatl

In COLLABS by ahtzirilagarde

When L’Artisan Parfumeur told me they got any fragrance I’d dreamed of, I’ve never thought they would have actually ANY fragrance, including this one, Piment Broulant, that has been inspired by the Aztec drink Xocolatl: a bitter mixture of cacao, chili and spices…

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Meet Me in Mountauk

In PORT by ahtzirilagarde

Meet me in Montauk is the video teaser of my most recent photographic work with Verdiana Meneghini This project has been inspired by one of my favorite movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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These apps changed the way I live

In AURA GRIS by ahtzirilagarde

It’s funny how it is hard to imagine life before certain inventions and in my case, iPhone has definitely been one of them. Sometimes I think that if my apartment was on fire, and my son was in a bedroom and my iPhone into another, well…