snow in Rome Colosseum

Sometimes, things do not work out how you think, and sometimes, it’s also better that way. One of my resolutions for the new year is to combat my expectations that, although sometimes they have dragged me far, many others have given me just a good drag. This year I want to let them go and let things surprise me; the best things happen when you least expect them. Sometimes, I feel that this 2018 took my resolution as a challenge, and not matter how low I’d put my roof, things will accommodate in a completely different way; just for the sake of seeing what I’ll do, how I’ll react– how much I can free my expectations and how well I took the surprises. February is not over yet and I’ve been tested several times already. This photo is a perfect example: I planned to do it before, no matter what, and guess what? It did snow! An extraordinary event that happens in Rome every eclipse of Saturn. And I’m up there, without knowing whether to laugh or cry, realizing how beautiful Rome looks in the light of desolation. Because that’s what this game is about, isn’t it? To find beauty in desolation.


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