Socci – Brand Identity

Socci is my very first work in the wine field, where I’ve been eager to start working at. Eventually, I’d like to open myself to wine branding in all its spectrum but for now, let’s concentrate on Socci. María Rosa Socci is a mexican wine enthusiast who is trying to stimulate the italian wine importing in Mexico. As you can imagine, Socci is an italian last name, just as the origins of María Rosa. Therefore, the main inspiration are italian grapes and vineyards. A woman hand represents the pink touch in an industry that as many others, are mostly populated by men. María Rosa Socci personally gave and cared a lot about her slogan,Il tuo filo rosso con il vino, a Japanese legend about destiny (運命の赤い糸 Unmei no akai ito) and its red line that you can appreciate in her little finger and in the ligatures of the main font.