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Lonely Avenue

Lonely Avenue – Website

Lonely Avenue is my first client –hopefully, of many– with a horizontal scrolling layout proposal. I must say I really love the horizontal idea since around 2015, when I wasn’t web designer and asked for one – they said it wasn’t normal. Maybe it wasn’t, or maybe in those times vertical scrolling was way better but I’m very glad that finally we are coming to these trends.

Lonely Avenue’s website got a half-half scrolling, developing on the second half but mantaining the menu on the first, which makes it really fresh and clear to navigate. Pink reflects the color of the place and logo, while black gives it that touch of formality needed from a speakeasy.

Landing page speaks about the whats, wheres, and whys with a horizontal menu. Customers can make their own reservation through the page while Lonely Avenue can manage them through a reservation plugin in the dashboard. Contact page includes a contact form for customers saying suggestions or simply hi, and a map, in this case being a speakeasy, showing only Rome as the city they’re located.
Finally, they got their social networks in the footer and in the main menu, with a showcase of their Instagram feed.

You can see the live version of the website here.