Hand holding Iphone in Prague

Mis Apps de Fotografía Favoritas

Two thousand fourteen got totally clear that mobile photography is now consolidated as a true –and respected– type of photography nowadays. Since I’m still amazed of all the greatness that my iPhone is capable to do, I want to share with you all the apps I use to get the result I’m looking for every picture I shoot:

1. Snapseed: When it comes to edit brightness, shadows, saturation, sharpness and all of those basic parameters, I always go for Snapseed. Preciseness is their thing.
2.VSco Cam: Well, it is a classic for editing your pics since a very while. How mean are Instagram filters to your pics? Please stop hurting them! 3. TouchRetouch: I love this app when it comes to getting rid of any object that disturbs your picture. You can erase persons, trash or anything fast and easy.
4. LighTrac: Well, this app is really one of a kind. It lets you know how will be the light –and even the shadows!– on your scene at anytime, anywhere. It becomes incredibly useful when you are planning a shooting!
5. AvgCamPro: Who said iPhone can’t get that beautiful look which characterize slow shutter photography? Bring your tripod and start the fun!
6. Mextures: Well, sometimes it happens that even with all the VSco filters I can’t get the result I’m looking for; then it is when Mextures app come to the rescue. Their huge variety of textures and formulas got always something perfect for me.
7. ImageBlender: Have you ever wanted the sky of some picture with the landscape of another one? Well, this app works perfectly for that issue. You can blend two images together just with the power of your fingers!
8. EOS Remote: Last but not least, EOS Remote –sorry, I don’t know the name of Nikon’s one!– is the app for connecting my 6D with my Iphone. I can view and get the pictures from my camera anywhere and anytime, and especially, the remote shooting tool helps me a lot when I need to do an autoportrait.

Which apps do you use?