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Local Vibes: Santorini

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Let’s say that as someone who spent her childhood and puberty in Mexico (other than living in Italy), is not easy to visually impress me. Well, Greece didn’t have to make the slightest effort to steal my heart using its strongest card: Santorini. Mamma. Mia. I had heard many times: “There is no place that offers best sunsets than Santorini“, but again, my skepticism (combined with my ignorance) did not take seriously that statement. You know, I thought: “Which place hasn’t great sunsets? A sunset could transform a visit to the landfill site to something magic“. Although this has a great dose of truth, I cannot mention that yes, it was true, there is no place in this world –at least that I’ve been to- offering better sunsets like Santorini.


Santorini is a small island with many points of interest. To see it all, it is best to rent a car or a motorcycle, because unlike other touristic heavens, I was surprised to discover that there are several deserted parts between each point, apparently undeveloped. Once you got your wheels, we can move on to the lodge. In my opinion, the best place to staying is Oia. That part of the island we see in the pictures that perfectly represents the essence of Santorini. Of course, like almost everything on the island, I would say it’s a little pricey, but believe me, it’s worthy. I am one of those who prefer to immerse themselves in a the town, maybe making some extra sacrifices, but if you would rather sacrifice a time, then you could consider staying in nearby areas and use the car to get to the central areas.


Thera (pronounced Feera) is the center of the island and the second best option to stay, especially if nightlife is important for you. In this area, there are the most emblematic bars and clubs. I liked to spend my days in Oia or the beaches, and in the evening, move to Thera to do some shopping, have dinner and naturally partying. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about nightlife: Before reaching Santorini, I got the idea that its nightlife was like Ibiza’s one; nothing further from reality. Everything begins to die around 3AM, so do not get out too late. That said, here are my recommendations: Tango: The perfect place to start the evening. It was the place that had the best drinks and the best electronic music, not to mention the panoramic view. The only flaw is that it is a bit small, but that’s quite common in Santorini. Franco’s Bar: Like Tango, it got a stunning view (perhaps even better), especially if you take the table for two in the tip. Casablanca Soul: It was once the nightlife flagship of the island, but now it’s just a good place to warming up. Koo Club: The club. The largest and the liveliest. It has a small room inside and a larger one outside. For those who are celebrating the freedom to smoke there, then wait for it because in Santorini, you can still smoke everywhere you want. For non-smokers, I have nothing to tell you more than better get used to your clothes stinking of cigarettes. Two Brothers Bar is a good place to give your wallet a break. The place is small and the music is quite commercial, but people have a relaxed attitude and above all, it’s cheap; but beware! This place is a good choice only if you keep your eyes wide open, otherwise it could become more like a tourist trap. Be sure to take the most of the options the day or you will end up paying the same as in a place with panoramic view (€ 10-15 x drink). I recommend a visit before or after visiting other places.


This was the first beach I visited. Although is not one of the most beautiful beaches, is a must-see spot. I remember when we were looking for a place to sunbathe, a very friendly gay guy told us that unfortunately he had no place in their part of the beach, but as soon he mentioned it was the no.1  beach club in TripAdvisor, I was glad to run away and look for a new place. I was even happier when I found Demilmar beach club, which actually is the best place in the entire beach. The grounds are beautiful, the service is excellent and the music selection was perfect. A great place to have lunch or just a beer, with all the Greek charm was Taverna Perissa. The service is very good too and they are very generous with beer :D

Red Beach & White Beach

Wow, wow, wow. I have never seen a beach like Red Beach. The contrast of red volcanic rocks and the blue sea it’s simply breathtaking. Although arriving is not the most comfortable thing on the planet, people exaggerates the difficulty of doing so. If you remember to bring your sneakers to walk the unfriendly road for just 10 minutes, there’s nothing to fear either if you are 20 or 60 years old. From Red Beach, boats depart to White Beach, which it is indeed uncomfortable. Ships can not get very close to the shore, so you are must be careful with your bags and electronics devices while getting up/down. The beach is nice and has that touch of privacy that’s always appreciated. In my case, I preferred to stay on the boat taking some pictures, in order to get back on the same trip (trips are available every half hour).


Even being the most touristy of all, I didn’t unlike it. If you walk along the boardwalk down to the last establishments, you’ll notice that it gets prettier and prettier. I loved the pool bars, the restaurants overlooking the sea and shops. Before leaving, don’t forget to try the Santorini salad at Mango Cafe.


Without a doubt, my favorite. For starters, it’s a pale beach with majestic rocks that surround it making you feel in a lunar paradise. Its beach club, Theros Wave Bar was the most visited place in my stay. The decor is heavenly and the the prices are very affordable. The way to get there is something a little wild, but that’s always a good excuse to get out of the car and take some photos ;)


All the Greek charm in a small town. Having a walk at Megalochori after spending the day in Vlychada is the perfect combo. The streets are clean and quiet, it is full of locals and craft shops, in short, a Greek gem. If I could go back in time, maybe this town would be where I would stay. I recommend the terrace of a restaurant called Feggera. The culinary selection is on point, not to mention its wines and the view of the little town.

Santorini was in my bucketlist since I saw for the first time a picture of the island. After visiting it, I understood that I could never marked it done because it is one of those places that remain on the list forever.

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