squared memories

Little Squared Memories

In AURA VERDE, COLLABS by ahtzirilagarde

Until recently, on the walls of my house there was no photo created by me. I guess I did rather giving space to other artists partly because this way the decoration would be more eclectic and partly because I was afraid that my visitors would think (discovered?) that I am a hopeless narcissist. But what about all those little memories that tell you where you’ve been, with who or how different you were 10 years ago? Isn’t it the seal of uniqueness of each home?

One of my new cycle purposes was to give that touch to my house and I must say that not only it have enriched the personality of my house, but also reminds me from time to time, how significant were and are certain people or experiences. Of course, there are still walls dedicated to artists that I admire and inspire me from everyday because in the end, yes, I’m a narcissist, but just a little.

Printing is on INKIFI, a company approved by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), very committed to clean design and naturally, to environment ❤.

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