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Local Vibes: Latina

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The other day on Facebook, a friend asked: “What’s better than Rome in June?”. Well, obviously there’s nothing better, but there’s something almost better than that: Rome’s surroundings in June. I had heard many times about Latina, but it seemed a far and anonymous place to me. Guess what? I was wrong.

My friend Bea invited me to celebrate her birthday in Sabaudia. It’s a place well known for its dunes, it’s like a little desert in the beach; a very exotic element for someone like me who’s used to big cities. But the most interesting thing about Sabaudia is its architecture, which is fascist, as it has been build on those years. Something that you must see at least once in your life. There’s many ways to arrive, like taking the train to Latina or Terracina, and then taking the Cotral bus to Sabaudia’s downtown.

After you’ve enjoyed the small city and its beaches, we could continue with the main course: Monte Circeo. A grayish promontory that contrasts wonderfully with the blue of the Tirreno sea. The access isn’t the friendliest, but there’s not anything that a good pair of sneakers and a backpack couldn’t fix. The view it’s –more than– a perfect reward.
Peps who visit it can be divided in two categories: those –like me– who go there to chill and enjoy of some vitamin D –there’s only a tiny natural pool to freshen up and you must be ok with that– and those –like Bea’s bf– who enjoy challenging the death with bold dives no matter the little altars which reminds those who lose the challenge.

Once there, don’t dare to miss a visit to San Felice Circeo. A little town which has the typical italian charm but with a summery touch that gives to it that never ending holidays atmosphere.San Felice seemed to me like Capri’s little cousin, with those little shops and restaurants that reflect the awareness of details. You can walk all over the entire town in less than two hours. You’ll find tons of amazing views and lazy cats.

Summing everything up, Latina is a great option to have a little taste of the charm of the little italian towns and the naturalistic potential that offers this amazing country. ❤

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