My name is Ahtziri Lagarde (pronounced Atzeere Lagarde; sounds kinda fancy, right?). I’m a photographer and writer based in Rome. When I’m not portraying beautiful gals, cool couples in love or the colorful shades of life, I’m writing about photography, travellifestyle and sex.

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So… when I’m not writing, I’m listening either classical or electronic tunes, enjoying a glass of wine or a sunset (ideally both!) with my people, or simply wandering with my bicycle. I’m a quality-better-than-quantity type of person but I’m a very curious kitten too. That means that I’m a fan of discovering new details in things & people I already know but also, I enjoy exploring interesting places, seeing fresh faces and learning new skills (lately such as graphic design and web developing. Btw, do you like my site?). I started to be behind the camera since early 2011 exploring different fields like Fashion, Still Life, Reportage, Lifestyle and Fine Art; therefore, I define my style as versatile and on the move.

We are what we do with what happens to us.My personal mantra :)
And what I’m doing  right now? Writing my first novel! Las Cenizas de Ícaro (Icarus’ Ashes) is not just my first novel, it’s the largest project I’ve enlisted into; the one that changed my life. This will be the first time that I’ll be telling all the details which made up the person I am today, from my childhood until my early adult years, with particular emphasis on my darkest stages, like my time on the world of striptease (aha!). If you want a teaser, you can read the full article on VICE. I would like to point –spoiler?– the essence of my book, tho: Do not be afraid of flying high. Despite the burns, we can always rise from our own ashes. For the publishing details be sure to be subscribed to the mailing list of the book!

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