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    Storytelling is my mantra. If everything starts with a question, mine were: «How to keep a memory?» & «How to share it properly?». The answer led me to photography & writing; the 2 arts that rock my world.

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    I’ve explored many fields of photography like Fashion, StillLife, Reportage and Lifestyle, but the two genres that transmitted with more fidelity my memories and ideas were actually Fine Art and Urban Photography. Therefore, my work is a spicy cocktail of both. Cheers!

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    Despite having a journal since I was 20, writing has officially revealed itself as a fundamental part of my life in Summer of 2014. I just wrote my first –autobiographic– novel Las Cenizas de Ícaro (Icarus’ Ashes), which speaks about not being afraid of flying high, because despite our burns, we can always rise from our own ashes (and yes, also about my short but intense time in the striptease world, #aha). Scroll down for further details.


Art is the ultimate expression of power.
The power of planting your seed in someone else’s field.


Las Cenizas de Ícaro no es simplemente mi primera novela, es el proyecto más grande en el que me he embarcado, el que cambió mi vida. Será la primera vez que contaré con un megáfono literario todos los detalles que componen la persona que soy hoy en día, desde mi infancia hasta mis primeros años como adulta, haciendo especial énfasis en mis etapas más obscuras. El libro nace gracias al artículo de VICE, el cual narra exclusivamente mis vivencias en el mundo del strip-tease. Quisiera precisar –y spoilerar– la esencia de mi libro: No hay que tener miedo de volar alto, a pesar de las quemaduras, siempre podremos resurgir de nuestras propias cenizas. Para detalles sobre la publicación, asegúrate de estar suscrito a la mailing list a través de la cual  informaré personalmente cada avance.

Las Cenizas de Ícaro (Icarus’ Ashes) is not just my first novel, it’s the largest project I’ve enlisted into; the one that changed my life. This will be the first time that I’ll be telling all the details which made up the person I am today, from my childhood until my early adult years, with particular emphasis on my darkest stages, like my time on the world of striptease (aha!). If you want a teaser, you can read the full article on VICE. I would like to point –spoiler?– the essence of my book, tho: Do not be afraid of flying high. Despite the burns, we can always rise from our own ashes. For the publishing details be sure to be subscribed to the mailing list of the book!



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Model with Maafushi bikini
June 22, 2017

Summer is Coming | Maafushi Store

There's nothing better than working with a brand that shares your style. Maafushi Store was just the case. It was amazing to create, design, plan and shoot with them (and Federica Gasparini, of course!) for their 2017 catalog....

November 18, 2016


Agatha is a project about a playful Lolita who liked skipping school to go looking for vintage coffee shops and homemade ice creams, collecting many victims along the way. It also speaks about an elegant and nostalgic woman who ...

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Below you will find a selection of some of my favorite pieces of work.
I hope that you enjoy looking through them as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

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